A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Well, and a couple of Aunts, 2 Grandpas, a Nana, a Mae Mae, an Opa, a Grandma.  Plus a Daddy, and a Sister.  Add in an Uncle Shiggins, an Uncle Aaron, and 5 Great Grandparents.  Then there's all the people from church and all our other friends.

Hmm, guess a lot of people love that face!

(Amy was FINALLY able to catch the crooked grin that I've been trying to capture for over 2 months!  If that face doesn't make you smile, you might as well give up and go home!)


kimmer said...

HE IS ADORABLE !!!! this picture makes me crack up!

The Benefields said...

Mmmmmmm!!!!!! I could smooch his sweet little face off!