B4FIAR - Corduroy

Our book this past week was Corduroy.  Such a classic!

We didn't do a whole lot that went with Corduroy other then sorting buttons and lacing cards.  We focused on writing the letter C and just getting back into the routine of doing school each day.

Mr. Sprout Head is back again this year!

(Please, please, please go click on that link and tell me where that curly headed little baby went to!?!?  Ugh!  Cutest little girl EVER!)

Andrew is in charge of all things Chia.  Which should be obvious by the sprouts they placed in the nose. 


Josie is loving her Handwriting Without Tears work. 

And the See and Spell she got for Christmas has been a huge help with teaching lowercase letters.

It's made by Melissa and Doug.  All their stuff is amazing and I highly recommend this.

We worked with clay.  This was supposed to be a bear, but Josie insisted on a ladybug. 

So I Illuminated (aka - Lightened Up) and let it be a ladybug.

A birthday party ladybug to be exact.

She did her Clothes Pin Color Wheel and some Dotter Games from Confesstions Of A Homeschooler.

These giant dice were in her stocking and we've used them a ton already.  Olivia tried to eat them, but I was able to save them!

Speaking of Olivia, she joined us one day for school and Amber will be happy to know she was very interested and totally quiet the whole time!

We ended the week making Bread Pudding.  It was so easy and actually pretty yummy for something without chocolate in it!


kimmer said...

I so Love the concentration she has while doing her work! It is amazimg!!!