Happy Birthday To Me

I love my birthday and usually spend the week proclaiming it's coming.

Until it actually comes and I get so homesick for my Mom and Dad that my heart aches and I'd rather pretend it's not my birthday at all.

And while I'm not able to spend my birthday with either parent this year, God did give me a little peice of home.

It came right after I laid the kids down for nap and was about to have myself a good Pity Party and only lasted about 5 minutes so I know it was meant just for me.

It's Georgia, so you gotta look close!

A White Birthday.  Just like I grew up with.

Well, kinda.  There it was more like 2 feet of snow, but you get the idea.

Thank You God.   For the best birthday gift ever.


Anonymous said...

Now that is true JOY....being glad even when you have to look hard to find it :) Love ya and Happy Birthday! Amy King

kimmer said...

Oh wow!!! What a very cool God Wink! Just when you were feeling all sad and lonely, He comes through with a beautiful sign of His love and goodness! Just what you needed...a little reminder of the beauty of mother nature and where you started! Love you girl!!!