Cocoa'a Waffle House

Josie is full of imagination lately.

If she isn't telling us a story about her daughter or conducting a meeting in the living room, she is playing server.

Playing server has become her new favorite ever since she found my stash of throw away plates and spoons.  So instead of her digging through my drawer all the time, I put together a basket of supplies for he to use.

To say it was a hit would be an understatement.

Her favorite part? 

Making the menus and receipts.

Somewhere over the Summer she dubbed herself "Cocoa."  Anytime we are having a meeting she insists that she only be called Cocoa.  (Andrew has to be called Slim Jim and I have to be Jelly Bean.)

So naturally, she named her resturaunt Cocoa's Waffle House (cause in her mind, everyone works at Waffle House).  I asked what she wanted to serve there and how much everything cost.


I was too scared to ask her what Waffle Meat was!


Our Family said...

What a fun idea!! I could see our kiddos just loving this!!
I found your blog through ABC &123, & I look forward to reading more!! :)
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Those are some expensive Waffles- but if they are coming from her I know they would be worth it! That kid has some great imagination!

kimmer said...

Ok...miss cocoa...I'll have a cup of that .05 cent coffee and a waffle...what are they made of anyway? For $28 it must be covered in caviar or maybe syrup from the antartica or something! She is hilarious! What a great imagination our little blue fairy has!

Amber said...

Love that kid! I'm thankful I don't eat at her waffle house, those waffles are expensive!