Wahkon Days

We are finally Up North.

And yes, in Minnesota that is a noun!

We are spending the next few days at my Grandparents Cabin and it is perfectly perfect.  No where I'd rather be.

Josie was just too excited to wait to give Papa Moose his birthday gift.  We had a shirt made for him to match Josie's "Moosette" shirt.  He put it on right away and just made her little day.  They sported them at Wahkon Days and were quite the hit!

Speaking of Wahkon Days, we had a blast!  I used to love spending the day at the community festival each year and Josie loved it too.

She got to dig for coins in the Coin Hunt.  She found $2.  Next year I'm going to teach her the difference between a Nickel and a Quarter!

And we had a little practice round of Fair Foods.  We're headed to the Minnesota State Fair on Friday so there will be much more of this coming our way!

When we were ready for a sit down, we headed over to try our hand at some BINGO.

It was seriously fun, but we didn't win.  I'm thinking about getting Granny Amber to come with me to the VFW for some BINGO fun when I get back!

That dog up there?  

Same kind of dog as Boomer.  Only difference is our dog is dumb as a nail and would crush us with his huge self if he jumped on our heads!

We went to the parade that night and then had pie at the pie social.  Mom stole a piece.  It was at a church too.  

She needs prayer.


Joan another Minnesota girl:) said...

Yea for cheese curds!!!!! Yummy!!!!

Anonymous said...

hit me up when you and Granny Amber go! I used to go twice a week to the Knights of Columbus in Jonesboro :o)

Kameron said...

I'm loving your grandpa's hair! He looks like he's got some spink! Have fun!

Erin and Co. said...

LOve love love the T-shirts!