I'm Sorry Georgia

I do love Georgia.

I love my house.  I love my church.  I adore my Georgia family and friends.  And of course, I can't live without my amazing Georgia Man.

But if I were to be really really honest, I'd spend the rest of my days right here.  At the Cabin.

Where August days are spent the way, in my humble opinion, God meant them to be spent.

With family on the back porch.  Dipping your feet in the lake, reading in the sun, running through the grass with your favorite 3 year old.

And of course, boat rides!

Josie spent the entire morning going from person to person asking if it was time to ride the boat yet.

And Andrew, she informed me that Mr. Terry could just build her a lake so that she could have a boat.  Better scout out a spot for it!

Somehow she got her hands on a fishing pole and some leeches and labeled herself a Minnesota Girl.

She did get a bite, but didn't pull it in in time.  Luckily the bite was exciting enough for her.  We're going to try again today.

And then Papa Moose sealed his spot as Josie's All Time Favorite Person when he asked if she wanted to drive the boat!

I'm pretty sure I have a picture of me and all my cousins helping drive the boat.  

It's a right of passage here.

We rode over to the "beach."  In Minnesota, that simply means there is an area without a ton of weeds and shallow enough to swim.

We didn't have our suits, but Grandpa assured me that it was shallow enough that my clothes wouldn't get wet.  So I stripped Josie down and in we went.

About half way off the boat I realized my clothes (white shorts at that) were indeed going to be a bit damp!

Josie's favorite part of the day was the boat ride.

Mine?  SMORES!

It was on our Summer List simply because I couldn't let another Summer pass without some Smore action!

The perfect end to the perfect Summer Night.


Kameron said...

That looks like nice, relaxing fun! I made the mistake of doing the slip and slide at a friend's kid's party...in white shorts. That was good and embarrassing!