Ready For Take Off!

We had a much needed play date with the Glover Boys this morning. Tiffany is always doing such fun stuff with her Little Men and today she brought over a super fun project.

We made Airplanes!

Which just happens to be our Alphabet Summer activity for the letter A! Thanks for helping me cross that one off Tiff!

Her idea was to make airplanes they could actually stand in. Much better then my idea of paper airplanes!

We started off with them all painting their own planes, but before long, the 3 year old in them came out to play:

Oh that face!

Can you tell his Mama is a photographer?!?! No fear of the camera in this one!

Our little Showboats.

Ean spent the morning wondering why on Earth Josie and Everett are so crazy!

Then we waited for them to dry and spent the rest of the morning being pilots.

And just cause I know you can't get enough of her:

(We finally got a second Purple Dress to rotate with the one she insists on wearing nearly everyday! She's had this on for 2 days straight now! I'm gonna need to invest in a few more purple twirly skirts.)


Kameron said...

You should put ribbons to make kind of suspenders to keep the box up! That looks like a fun project to do!