pure BLISS!

Today started out rough.

I spent the morning yelling at Josie for stupid stuff, we were running extremely late to her dentist appointment, and I taught her her very first swear word on accident.

Like I said, it was rough.

So in attempt to make it up to her, I took her to the Cupcake Shop in McDonough.

Have you ever been to one?  They are popping up everywhere and after visiting Bliss, I know why!

Josie was in Heaven.

Except she wouldn't smile for a picture, so I threatened to throw her cupcake away if she didn't cooperate, thus undoing the making up I had just done and resulting in this totally fake smile.

So to make up for undoing my making up, we bought a couple more cupcakes to bring over to share with Everett and Ean.

This place just made me wish I could bake!  Everything was gorgeous (except my rotten attitude!)

We skedaddled after I bought the boys cupcakes before I had another Mommy Dearest Moment and ended up buying Josie all the cupcakes!

In the end, I think all was forgiven.

Josie enjoyed her cupcake:
Everett enjoyed his cupcake:

And I enjoyed my cupcake:

Hey, even Mommys need cupcakes to put them in better moods every once in awhile!

Josie did awesome at the dentist!  No cavities again!  Of course, that was before the Bubblegum Cupcake.

We leave super early Thursday morning for a much needed trip to my Homeland.  I am in need of some serious babying by my Mother.

DFACS decided it would be detrimental to the baby if he missed two whole visits, totaling 4 hours, so he won't be coming with us.  As much as I'm going to miss him, I'm welcoming the break.

However, I am lacking any motivation.  24 hours out from our flight and I have yet to pack one thing for any of us.  That is unheard of.

I may just forgo luggage and just wear the same outfit for 10 days.


Maura said...

Looks so yum!! I am a sucker for a cupcake!!

bri said...

haha YOU wear the same outfit 10 times I can believe, MAYBE. BUT Josie... SHE needs luggage. That girl needs fun girlie changes being so young and spunky to show them all off :).

That stinks about the baby not going. What a load of JUNK it will be detrimental! Whatev Bev, that is the best thing that would have happened to him, getting to spend time with a FAMILY that LOVES him and nurtures him. Just think, the 4 hours they are wanting him to visit his "peeps"; he is away from his "FAMILY" for 2 weeks! The ones he has grown to know and love and accept as his stability. That is a bit off in my opinion. Talk about messing a child up. We have seen this in full swing.

Grrrr they really get me going! SORRY! These are the points we argue to the FULLEST until we get our way for the best interest of the child.

BUT I do agree, a break from a new baby is also good :). One of these days I will know what one is! LOL

have a blast and enjoy some cooler weather!