12 Hours Just Ain't Enough

Last week my four favorite ladies came over for a day of crafty goodness.

I was bound and determined to finish up a few more unfinished projects I had laying around and I figured the only way I was going to get to them is if I had some hecklers to encourage me to finish.

Then I ran out of toilet paper rolls and ended up playing on my blog in my PJs all day. 

Amy and Amber need to work on their heckling skills.

They, however, managed to make these super cute flower rings and clips!

The little ladies had a good day too. 

Josie tore up my craft closet and spent a good while laying out fabric.

While these two played.

At some point during the day I looked around and noticed that my house was pretty much distroyed.

There was seriously stuff everywhere.

And my feet were disgustingly dirty from my nasty floor (that I justed washed...I think.)

But I needed a day like that after my incredibly awkward, insane Thursday.

No, my house may not always be neat and clean, but it's always filled with good friends and love and laughs so I'm OK with that.

The girls stayed until 8, which brought our grand total of time spent together in one day up to 12 hours.

I think that's a non-vacation record for us.

I had to laugh when Amy informed me that the first thing she did when she got home was check my blog.

I guess sometimes, 12 hours together just ain't enough!


sara said...

Absolutely love the ring and clips...too cute!

Kameron said...

Why is it that crafting is such a messy adventure?! If I sew anythinging, my area is destroyed. The clips look like fun! How'd they make the rings?

Anonymous said...

I need some serious help!

jen said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I reread a few of your entries, and I am IN LOVE! I don't know how long you've read my blog, but I'm on leave from fostering. And your Isaac analogy is something I really needed to hear about a year ago when we lost our Baby A. It was the hardest thing to do, but sometimes, ya just gotta trust Him.
I'm gonna follow you. I need to be back here again!

Amber said...

1. I'm noticing a trend that my baby is always naked at your house.

2. I'm pretty sure it's spelled destroyed not distroyed.

3. My heckling skills are just fine (see #2), I was just too busy burning the crap out of my fingers with the high temp hot glue gun.

4. 12 hours aren't ever enough!

Miss you these next ten days! : (

Anonymous said...

Aw dang, wish I knew you had a craft night- I've been waiting for one and things are piling up. Guess I'm on my own :)

kimmer said...

what a blessing to have such awesome girlfriends!!! And yes, it's destroyed, not distroyed.....I guess Grampa Gordy is gonna have to teach you some spellin' while you are visiting him in MN!!! HAHA!