Book Club Time!

We had our August Book Club meeting this week and it was another fun one!

Vicki hosted this month and her book pick was, "Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter and Sweet."

The book tells the story of a forbidden love between a young Chinese boy and a Japanese girl during WWII. 

I loved this book.  Just like when we read, "The Help" I couldn't put it down. 

There is something about America's shady past that intrigues me.  I know I must have learned a little bit about this time in our history, but I don't remember it.  I find it so hard to believe that this actually happened.  And to Americans with Americans standing by doing nothing.

The actual writing held my interest and even though I showed up to our meeting with 15 pages left to go, I am going to finish it this weekend.

Everyone enjoyed it and we had a great discussion.

Plus, Vicki served Chinese food, so we were all happy campers!

We all tried to use our chopsticks but failed miserably.

Except for Amy.  She was a total show off.

Luckily, Amber talked her out of serving Sleepy Time Tea or we may have been in trouble!

Amber is next in the hosting rotation and she picked, Eat, Pray, Love.  I read this one a few years back but will read it again.  We are planning a field trip for this one so we are all excited!


Tristan said...

so jealous of a book club! i have a friend in Co. and we send books back and forth, it would be awesome if i could find a group like this! HOW FUN!!

Love the new blog look!

Oh..and I read all the time..just a bad commenter..lol..but I'm changing!

Jamie Ford said...

Looks dee-lish. Hope you enjoyed those last 15 pages. ;)

Give my best to your book club!