What Do You Get

What do you get when you cross a bucket of water,

a paint brush, a fire truck, and a 3 year old?

A full 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time!

And when she started to get a little chatty, I gave her an empty milk carton and turned on the hose for her.

Which resulted in another 30 minutes to myself, which is precious around here since adding another baby to the mix!

We took a little break from any kind of school stuff for our vacation and then the baby came so we didn't get around to anything last week either. I don't want to get too far behind so we picked up a little bit yesterday.

I forget how much Josie loves any kind of structured activity.

We did some letter tracing and a couple workbook pages and then she did some sorting by size.

I am totally excited about school right now! I officially picked out the curriculum we are going to use this year and it is going to be awesome!

We will be doing a program called, Before Five In A Row. It is a literature based program for preschool that is exactly what I was looking for.

You buy the teacher manual and then you can either buy the literature pack or just get the books from the library. We are going to buy the pack since the books are so great I know we will want them in the house. Then you read the same book every day for 5 days. Each day you pick a few activities from the manual that teach basic skills.

I am so excited to get the manual so I can get us all set up! I almost bypassed the Before Five In A Row and went right into Five In A Row, but after reviewing a few blogs that use each of those programs, I think she needs to complete the preschool one first.

I'm planning on still doing a few other activities along with BFIAR to reinforce her letters and numbers.

We are also going to do the Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K book. Josie is going to love this!

For the rest of the Summer we are going to finish up our Alphabet Summer (which is going great!) and probably start up BFIAR in the middle of September.