Ice Cream Party!

One of the things on our Summer List was to have an Ice Cream Party. Since it's hot as all get out and we could all use some cooling off, we decided yesterday was the perfect day.

Most of the people we invited weren't able to make it. 4 of Josie's friends showed up and after some serious swimming and picking at their lunches, we headed down to the porch for some yummy ice cream!

Then I pulled out the sprinkler and they had a blast!

I'm probably going to try to do this again on a Saturday when more kids will be able to come. It was nice to not have a ton of kids in the pool, but the ice cream and sprinklers would be tons of fun with all her friends!

Cross another thing off our Summer List!


Natasha said...

your photography is getting better and better! love it :) and mm, ice cream, what a fun treat.