Summer Living

Baby V made it home from his visit safe and sound.

With a bag full of smoke smelling clothes... Thanks.

His parents showed up late and left an hour early. Not sure what was more important then seeing your son that was just taken from you, but apparently there is such a thing.

We were all glad to have him back with us and I'm glad to have that first visit under our belt. I think I'm going to spend the time he is away every week to do something special with just Josie.

When Andrew got home from work we headed out to the pool for some swimming and dinner with some friends.

Josie had a blast splashing around with the boys!

And while they swam, the adults sat with the babies and ohhed and ahhed over how good Baby V is.

It was a nice, relaxing Summer Night.

Until this improper pool behavior started up.

There's a 4 foot drop on the other side.

We decided swim time was over and wrapped it up for the night.

Thanks for dinner Sheena!


Amber said...

Could you please stop posting pictures of everyone and their mama (except for MaeMae) holding that baby??? Your making me wanna cry!

kimmer said...

Oh yes...maemae holding him is allowed!!! Can't wait to be holding him again very, very soon! And our sweet girl, too!