Double Date

Josie has been such a big helper since Baby V came. She is an amazing big sister.

I decided that since she is such a good girl she deserved a little one on one time so I took the baby to Nana and Papa Curt's and took Josie on a Mommy Daughter Date!

Those are more fun now that we don't spend every day with just the two of us!

Side Note: What do you think about the bangs!?!? I got distracted when I was trimming them and cut above my finger instead of below and ended up with some blunt bangs. I bit the bullet and cut them even shorter. I think I like it, but I'm still not so sure!

It was a relatively cool morning so I took her to pick blueberries.

She loved this last year. We went almost every other week and she would pick for over an hour without a single complaint.

Not so much this time.

I got a lot of this face:

And then she decided she wanted to just wait in the car.

Andrew and I have a lot of work on teaching her proper date etiquette before she starts dating! Poor boys.

She was much happier the rest of the date. I let her pick where we ate and then we did a little shopping.

When we got home, Andrew swept me away on a suprise date.

He even got a babysitter! It is SO hard to find a good babysitter that you can trust. We have officially found ours. She is about to graduate college, she's not a teenager, she is going to be a children's pastor, She has 6 brothers and sisters, and Josie LOVES her! Praise God!

We got all gussied up and went to Forks and Screens in Buckhead. It was SO much fun! We were going to see Eclipse, but apparently we were unaware of the mass hysteria surrounding the film and they were sold out when we got there. We saw Knight and Day and it was really good!

I woke up this morning feeling totally satisfied with every part of my life.

What a great way to start the weekend!


Elizabeth said...

Nicole...I love the bangs!!! :) They look very good on you!

Cunz Family said...

Before I read the "side note" I said to myself "I LOVE her bangs!" I want to do something different with my hair....just may have to cut me some bangs!!

Paige said...

I actually LOVE the bangs! As soon as I seen the picture, I thought there is something different about her and it looks great!

kimmer said...

I really like your bangs...at first I just couldn't quite figure out what was so different and just thought it was because it was darker! So super cute on you!