Sky Sparkles

I love the 4th of July.

I know Summer technically begins on the 21st of June, but something about the 4th just makes it really feel like Summertime.

I desperately wanted to have a cookout, but Andrew had some school work he had to finish up before fireworks so he nixed the cookout idea.

But he didn't say anything about having just a few friends over to swim and order pizzas!

When you throw in all the kids, just a few friends actually turns into a full blown shindig!

My keen sense of observation lead me to notice how much the kids love when the Dads are on Pool Patrol. Risky behavior is encouraged and there weren't nearly as many "NO"s flying around!

It was a perfect afternoon! Pizza, drinks, perfect weather, and fancy treats!

We headed out to our annual spot for fireworks. Or as Josie calls them, "Sky Sparkles."

Matalie's bored with us already! Texting at family events at 18 months?!?!

We're in trouble!

It was exactly how I wanted to bring in the Summer!


Mrs. M said...

The pics are hilarious and adorable. Sounds like a super evening. Happy 4th!