This past week, Josie has gone crazy in the make believe department.

I honestly think it started after we saw Toy Story 3.

I guess she didn't know what to do with her toys until she saw the little girl in the movie playing!

Call it bad parenting or a lack of creativity, but either way, she's got it now and it's precious.

She played with "her guys" at the beach and when we got home, she promptly found some little figurines that could be her "new guys."

When I was cleaning the other day I heard her talking to someone and when I walked in, she had a full blown birthday party/rescue/train ride going on with Dora and Mickey Mouse.

I sat on the couch where she couldn't see me and listened. I had to stiffle my giggles. She was saying the funniest stuff!

She was totally engrossed in her play.

I even took that picture without her even looking up.

I read somewhere about how important it is to not interupt a child in the middle of this kind of play. So I didn't. I just cleaned around her and enjoyed the peace in the room.

I remember playing school when I was growing up. My Dad likes to remind me that my favorite part of being the teacher was making a list of the bad kids on my chalkboard. I'm sure it was a list of my least favorite kids from 1st grade!

I love watching her imagination take off.


Mrs. M said...

They're funny aren't they? How adorable. I love listening to the boys play like this. Bup (3 yr old) is really funny lately. I hear him chatting when he is trying to settle down to sleep....it's quite enlightening!
An imagination is a beautiful thing....opens the world up. Enjoy your girlie!

kimmer said...

Oh, I love it! She is so precious!
I can only imagine what stories she will create!!! And with her expressions to go along with stories...makes me smile just to picture it! I'm off to the store to find some sweet little cookies for our next tea party! Can't wait!