That's Pretty Good For Us

Last night we all went out to dinner to celebrate our 8th anniversary.

Andrew scoured the Internet and found a perfect place for dinner. A restaurant on the pier with excellent reviews.

Turns out Andrew put a little too much faith in old Yelps Reviews.

Clue Number One:
David called to make a reservation and inquire about the dress code.
"We don't take reservations and men can't wear tank tops."

Clue Number Two:
Hour and a half wait, but 20 open tables.

Maybe this guy should have been Clue Number Three.

Even with all these subtle clues, we were still excited for our Fine Dining Experience. Must have been all that sun.

We hung out on the pier while we waited.

Twenty minutes later we were informed they were out of potatoes. When Amber ordered her meal the waitress rolled her eyes and said, "That's gonna take a long time to make."

And she wasn't lying.

I had to laugh when she handed me my plate and told me to "be careful cause they had all been on the warming plates for awhile."

Like how I balance sensible nutrition with my fried stuff?

FYI I didn't touch the veggies. Veggies are not for vacation.

The food was not delicious and our server was less then excellent. At one point she leaned in to Andrew and asked if he had a gun so she could shoot herself. Nice.

The whole thing was so strange we asked for a 10% discount to make up for the long waits and not great service or food.

After convincing the server we seriously wanted her to ask the manager he came over and told us that we did not have to wait and that our service was "actually pretty good for us." Before we could answer the man turned on his heels and walked away.

Turns out he was the owner.

After we waited another 10 minutes for our bill, we headed out.

Somewhere between the mother with 10 children without shoes and the long line of "gentlemen's clubs" Amber pointed out we may be a bit outside our idea of fine dining!

Not sure how we missed all that on the way in!

It was one of those anniversary dinners that I will never forget!

We will be dining in North Myrtle Beach for the rest of our nights out!

We followed it up with some indoor mini golf where Amber and I schooled the guys, then headed home. We were all asleep by 11:30 cause that's just how we roll!


Cunz Family said...

Oh you make me laugh. This post was a good pick me up this morning. Happy Anniversary to you and Andrew!