Soakin' It Up

It's not very often that we get Andrew all to ourselves for 7 days straight and we are soaking up every minute of it.

And soaking up plenty of sunshine, sand between our toes, and salt water up our noses.

Josie has finally decided she isn't scared of the waves and the water is so warm it's perfect for wave jumping.

Josie gets him during the day and at night we get to go out.

Yup, Amber had the bright idea of bringing her 16 year old cousin to babysit! We will never take a group vacation without Abby again!

It's so hot we can only be at the beach for a couple hours before it is just too dang hot. This afternoon we took a little family walk and about sweated to death. Josie got a cupcake then we headed back.

Andrew and David went on a kayak adventure. David just showed back up without Andrew. Turns out he forgot he would have to paddle back as far as he went! Don't worry, David is on his way to pick him up!

This has been one of the most relaxing vacations I've been on. I haven't turned my phone on at all and am trying desperately to stay off of Facebook. Everyone is getting plenty of naps and down time but we still are doing the things we want to. Add in lots of family time and Double Stuffed Oreos and everyone is having a great time!