Easy Peasy

We are in our third day as a family of 4 and everything is going great.

All I've ever heard was how adding a second child to your family is the most difficult transition. But this little guy is proving that to be 100% wrong!

We had another busy day yesterday. I finished up getting the supplies we were needing and we had our traditional Monday Night Dinner at Darlene's. Today we are going to spend a few hours with my Mom in between her flights. So tomorrow is the first day we will have just being home.

He isn't on any kind of a schedule. I'm having a really hard time getting him to take more then 2 oz of formula at a time and by the end of the day he has only drank about 16 oz. I'm hoping it's just him trying to adjust to his new surroundings.

He still only cries if he's hungry, wet, or tired. And even his cry is sweet!

For the past two nights he has slept 12 hours straight!

Amy came over yesterday to meet him and now we are just waiting on Granny Amber to come home!

I spent yesterday morning on the phone with caseworkers and doctors trying to get everything straight. He still hasn't been assigned a worker, but the county supervisor was sweeter then sweet and very forth coming with the information that she had.

The mother is young and is wanting to work the case plan to get him back. This early in the game it's way to early for that to really mean anything. There are drugs, jail, housing, and work issues that she needs to work through and hold for at least 6 months. Parental visits will start next week and be weekly.

So we still have no idea where this is going. It's already hard for me to think about, but I'm constantly reminding myself that God called us to love him for as long as he is with us and then trust in him from there so I'm trying to do that.

And he makes it very easy to love him.

I'm off to attempt to unpack the last of our vacation luggage and maybe even bathe today!


Amber said...

Hey, that's Grandma Amber to you!!!

Miss y'all! : (

Adoption Discovery said...

Hi Nicole!
You don't know me, but I am the "Social Networking Coordinator", as well as a leader for Adoption Discovery. Today, as I was updating the AD blog, I discovered your latest posts (I just became a follower from the AD blog, as well as my own personal blog http://entertaininstyle.blogspot.com). It's amazing how God works...Josie and the new baby look SO MUCH alike, not to mention, they both look like your husband. :) Congrats on the new addition...and my prayers are with you, the family, and of course the baby's situation.

bri said...

oh my goodness Nicole! I don't read for a week and I come back for this!!! HALLELUJAH!


there's never anyway to NOT get attached!He is beautiful and looks absolutely sweet!

I am praying that God's hand would cover your home and your hearts in this time of transition... (I am throwing some biased prayers in there too :). I think he needs you guys and I think Josie needs him too!)

So exciting to see this part of the journey!