PBK Bedding For Sale!

I'm finally ready to part with Josie's baby bedding.

We redid the nursery room and, even if we get another girl, we won't be using this set.

I'm sad because I love it so much, but there is no sence storing it when someone else may be able to use it.

2009 182

It retailed at Pottery Barn Kids for around $250 and is a discontinuted line. I'm selling the quilt, the bumper, and the pillow sham. The only thing used was the bumber and it is in perfect condition.

2009 185

I'm selling it on Craigslist for $100. But I thought I'd post here just in case any of you lovely ladies is expecting a little girl and needing some bedding!

2009 181

Email me or comment here if you're interested.


bri said...

that is an awesome deal Nicole. I am EXPECTING a little girl! BUT whether or not they call me for one is another story! haha all I have seen so far is boys! well we did get marissa for a bit, but that doesn't count!

It is way cute. It should sell QUICK!

Mrs. M said...

So pretty....
Do you all have Kijiji down there? It's similiar to Craigs List and I've had a tonne of luck with it.
Happy selling!