Banana Pops

I'm on a Banana Roll this week!

After confessing my terrible bout of Frozen Banana Disease, I thought the best cure would be prevention which would require new ideas for using up the bananas that are not quite beyond eating.

I was originally going to cover these bad boys in melted chocolate and freeze them, but when I needed a quick breakfast that had some protein I thought this up.

Although I'm sure it isn't a new idea.

2009 176

I just stuck the banana on a popcicle stick, smoothered it in peanut butter, then rolled it in granola.

In retrospect, don't use painted popcicle sticks. I thought the color would add some excitement but it turned the inside of the banana green.

2009 177

Josie ate it in record time and asked for more.

I'll give you one guess what Andrew said when he saw it.

I'm going to try the chocolate covered ones next week!


Kameron said...

It sounds delicious even if it looks suspect!! Ha! Men always want to go right for the poopy jokes!

Mrs. M said...

Great idea! Maybe that's a way I could get my boy to eat peanut butter!
Another is just spreading a wrap with peanut butter and placing a banana inside, wrap it up and voila!
My grandma ate banana and mayo sandwiches....ugh! I never tried it but yuckers!
How about....throwing them into smoothies? or frying them up into a banana desert? Mmmmmm.....gotta love em!