April's Book Club

Last night was our April Meeting for The Next Chapter Book Club! (is book club one word or two???)
Amy hosted this month and her pick was The Next Thing On My List by Jill Smolinski.
This book is about a woman who offers a ride home to a woman she met at a Weight Watchers meeting (Marissa). On the way home they are in an accident and Marisa is killed while the driver surrvives. When the driver gets her personal items back a few weeks later she ends up with Marissa's list of 25 things she wanted to complete by her 25th birthday. The driver decides to finish the list for her.
It was a pretty good book. The story moves pretty quick and is an easy read.
Amy had us all come up with our own list of 20 things we want to do in our life. We all typed it up without names and then we all guessed who's list we thought each was. It was very interesting to see what everyone wanted to do.
What surprised me the most though, was my complete lack of things to put on my list.
Yup, me. The Queen Of Listmakers. Who has at least 3 lists of things I need to do going at a time, could not come up with more then 9 things for my lifetime.
While many people might just think it was writers block, it concerned me. Why couldn't I think of any goals? Was I seriously that uninspired to think of my future?
After 3 days I figured out what my problem was. If I put it on my list, I felt like I was committing to actually trying to do it. And that was scary to me.
Sure I'd love to learn Spanish, but that would mean enrolling in a class and, GULP, homework.
After many, "seriously Nic, get over it"s from my girlies, I was able to whip out my last 11 items in a few minutes.
And I'm happy to say, I really do want to try the things I put down.
In fact, today Josie and I are starting our veggie garden which will hopefully allow me to cross off, "grow our own veggies."
Book club is one of my favorite nights of the month. I love hearing everyone's opinions and every month we are more comfortable with eachother.
Amy made a great dinner and we had ice cream cones and birthday cake (for Marissa's 25th birthday! Great idea Kim!). And we had 2 new women join us, Kim and Amber's aunt! Hopefully they will join us again next month!


kimmer said...

Bookclub is one word and each other is two words....(haha!)