If She Can Do It, I Surely Can!

After Josie's nap, Andrew and I decided to take Josie on her first Mountain Hiking trip.

Originally we planned to take her up Camelback Mountain with us, but enough people told us we were crazy so we decided to leave her behind for that one. But we really still wanted her to get a chance to hike and to see how beautiful God's World is from up high.

Luckily, we found Hole In The Rock just a few miles from the house. It's a hike, but not nearly as steep or high.
The climb was perfect for little kids (and wimps like me).

We made it to the top!
Josie started off a little skiddish, but after a few minutes she was begging Andrew to let her climb with the big kids.

Of corse he let her and we walked away with only a minor scrape on her knee!
Tuesday morning is the day of my big climb.

I'm totally freaked out, but I already have my shoes so I'm doing it either way!


bri said...

you will do great! It is such a sense of accomplishment! You are going to look life in the face with a whole new at.ti.tude! :)

Can't wait to see the shoes and to hear how it went!