From Oceanside To Desert Sand

After our long day at the airport on Monday, Josie and I had to get up early on Tuesday to head back to the airport.
After a 4 hour flight, we landed in Arizona.

Oh how I love Arizona.

If my besties didn't have some much dirt on me I'd move here in a minute!
See that mountain in the background?
That's the one I have to climb with Andrew if I want my new tennis shoes.
We are spending today laying low and recovering from all the flying we've been doing.
Josie made cookies with Mae Mae and is going to deliver them to some very special people and then she is going down for an early bedtime!
I promise to have more riveting posts after I adjust to the time change!


bri said...

I agree... I LOVE AZ! Even their summers are tolerable unlike TX summers!

I forgot to send your check off... it is getting written, right this minute and labeled and stamped NOW... in the mail tomorrow morning. sorry... it has been super crazy here!

Melissa said...

Hey! I just checked you r blog to make sure you wanted it shipped to your MIL's. I see you are still on vacay so your little package will go ot today! It looks like ya'll are having fun! I hope you like your PPK's... BTW- Josie is so adorable!! :)