Four Days Was Not Enough

This past week Josie and I spent a few days down in Ft. Myers Beach. My brother came down from Minnesota and my Dad drove up with his family from Northern Florida. We all stayed at my Grandparents condo.
It was an action packed five days! I love spending any time with my family, but that short of a trip always leaves me craving more.

We woke up super early to make our flight. We were flying on passes and had no troubles getting down there.
Look how handy a Crayon Roll is on a plane ride?!?!
We spent the first day just hanging out with my Grandparents and soaking up the sun. I forgot how good the warm sun can feel!
Everyone else came down on Friday and we headed out to a Minnesota Twins Spring Training Game! I grew up going to these every year so it was really fun to take Josie!
We spent the next day at the beach.
Oh the glorious beach.

Josie ate ice cream that had so much dye in it her poo was blue for 3 days and then we headed home. The adults went out to a hockey game while the Grandmas hung out with Josie.
It was so nice on Sunday that we headed back to the beach. Josie decided she wasn't scared of the water and had a blast in the sand!
We ended the weekend with a Mini Golf Tourney!
I used to whip everyone's booty, but I've gotten rusty. My brother ended up winning although Josie had a mean swing.
Seriously?!?! Who gives a real club to little people?!?! I'm still in shock she didn't nail anyone with it!
It was an amazing weekend. I only wish it would've lasted longer.

I'm hoping that we can make this trip an annual thing.

I had our travel plans all worked out. We were going to fly home early Monday morning so Josie could go to her Nana's while I packed for Arizona before we headed over for Tyler's Going Away Party.
Well, flying on passes doesn't always allow for perfect plans. We ended up spending 8 hours at the airport before we finally got on a flight. Josie didn't understand why we couldn't go home and ended up crying hysterically. We got home just in time to rush to Darlene's for the party. I have no idea what is in my suitcase for Arizona, but it all got done in time!