Waffle Wife Wisdom - #1

I'm not sure if I have any readers who are Waffle Wives, but over the past two years I've learned alot of tips that could really help a Waffle Wife out.

So I've decided it would be selfish to keep all this wisdom to myself. So here is the first installment of my Waffle Wife Wisdom.

2009 171

When your Waffle Man tells you he will be ready to leave work at 8 PM, be sure to show up with enough toys to entertain your 3 year old until at least 10:30 PM.

While a Waffle Man will occasionally actually be ready to go at said time, chances are he won't be.

2009 169

2009 173

2009 167


Amber said...

OH my! Are we writing a book? I have thousands of those....

I compare waffle husbands to doctors. Only instead of saving people from heart attacks, they're causing them.

Kameron said...

That's cute! When you're the boss, the work never ends!