So You Don't Think I'm Supermom

I've gotten so much fun, positive feedback from Josie's party.

I worked super hard, so I appreciate it.

But just so you don't start thinking I've got it all under control, here's a little glimpse into my REAL, everyday, life!

Most mornings I cringe when Josie first calls out for me to come get her. I always wish she'd sleep in just a little more.

And most mornings you can find Josie tucked into my bed watching Veggietales on repeat while I spend a good hour or so reading blogs.
Case In Point:


Please note the cookie, the propped up bowl of cereal, and the time. She was on hour 2 of Larry The Cucumber.

I'm infamous for getting an idea in my head and fixating on it. I will work on it or talk about it until I can work on it and then get sick of the whole thing about half way through the project.

And I start planning my next big event a few weeks before the current one happens. I have to have something coming up at all times. Right now I actually have three new events I'm excited for, Matalie's First Birthday Party, Olivia's First Birthday Party (this Fall!), and Josie's 4th birthday. Yup, I said Josie's 4th birthday. She hasn't even offically turned 3 yet and I've moved
on to next years party.

I have also been known to get a bunch of ideas for activities to do with Josie, and then do all of them in one day, leaving us with nothing to do the rest of the week.

Some days I literally get out of the shower 5 minutes before Andrew gets home. And then pretend I've been ready since 7 AM.

I'm a pouter. Seriously. When I don't get my way, I pout and give people the silent treatment. I also use the line, "I'm not mad," with a scowl on my face when Andrew asks if I'm mad.

I'm also cheap. I'm fine with it, but I know it annoys my friends. I refuse to buy pretty much anything except groceries unless it's on clearance. On sale isn't good enough, I need clearance. It gives me some kind of weird high to get something for practically nothing.

I can't remember the last time I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms.

So I may through one heck of a Three Year Old Birthday Party, but my day to day life is not nearly as planned out!


Kameron said...

Ha. It is funny because we show the good stuff on our blogs, but some times it is refreshing to show our normal every day selves! Life is full of good and boring just the same!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya.
Love the new layout!

The Stairs Family said...

you described by morning routine EXACTLY! haha bring the kids (3 and 20 months) into bed with cereal, turn on a movie or PBS kids and catch up on blogs/facebook. Its one of the perks of being a SAHM I guess! I love snuggling with them and just lounging around. Oh, and I also take a shower right before my husband gets home and act like I've been ready all day!

mabrey520 said...

Your not supermom?!?!? Gosh, you've had me fooled this whole time! I NEVER wait only ten minutes before david comes in to shower! NEVER!!!

Lani said...

I love it! You are human :) I think your days sound great and the days I am home with Iz are exactly the same way. she loves to watch tv in bed with me too, and i love the snuggles. and our bathrooms are almost always dirty :)!

And i love the new layout! So cute! My blog is so boring