Fish Party - The Decorations


When I first decided to do an Under The Sea party, I knew it was going to need a lot of decorations.

And then I found this post at The Pleated Poppy and fell in love with her decorations.

And when I scrolled to the bottom of the post she was offering to send them to anyone if they could use them!

So I emailed her and she sent them my way!



These pictures do not do them justice.

She made them all by hand with cardboard, scrapbook paper, glitter, tissue paper, and streamers. I can only imagine how long they took to make.

I'm trying to talk myself into hanging them in Josie's Big Girl Room because I can't stand to put them up in the attic!





I'm hoping The Glover's pictures turned out a little better and I can show you those.

I used blues, greens, orange, and pinks for the colors. We put out sand buckets, sunglasses, and sea shells for more decorations.


To make it feel more under watery I bought some plastic table covers from the Dollar Store and cut them in waves to put over all the windows and doorways.

They were just to touch we needed for the theme. I didn't get a picture of them, but you can see them in this picture of my dorky friends.


And by far, my favorite decoration?

Josie's supportive friends who love a theme just as much as me!




Daniel T said...

Love the party!! You did such a fantastic job! :)

Danielle said...

That last comment was from me but I am using my parent's computer so it will show up as my dad's id. SOrry!! :(

Stephanie Lynn said...

Love the decorations too! What a great theme! Thanks again for linking to the Celebration party!