Quiet Work

I love my Stay At Home Mom gig.

I feel like I am exactly where God wants me to be. And while I'm still working on slowing myself down enough to actually enjoy the little moments, I feel like I am getting the hang of it.

And as much as I love spending every second with Josie Kat, she's a talker.

I remember talking to Andrew around her first birthday wondering if she was ever going to talk. Oh, we couldn't wait to hear what her little voice was going to sound like.

Well, we get lots of practice listening to her little munchkin voice and as sweet as it is, around my 10th hour of talking with her, I start to crave a few minutes of quiet.

So I came up with Quiet Work.

It's a spin on the Montessori Shelves that has not only been nice for me, but something Josie looks forward to.

2009 259

Quiet Work is just what it sounds like. Work that she has to sit and do quietly. They are things that are interesting and challanging for her.

2009 260

I only put out 6 options at a time. I rotate an old thing out and a new thing in every week. It's all at her level on a shelf in our bookcase.

2009 267

She gets so excited when I tell her it's time to do some quiet work!

She knows to pick her work, sit at the table, and then to put that work away before she picks anything else.

And did I mention it's cheap?!?!

Here's what is in her Quiet Work area this week:

A shape puzzle from the Dollar Spot at Target.

2009 261

A sewing kit from Aunt Suzy!

2009 262

A Magnetic Storyboard from Aunt Suzy!

2009 263

The Ragtag Alphabet that I made her.

2009 264

Melissa and Doug Beading.

2009 265

2 Jars.

Seriously guys, I've started saving jars and toilet paper rolls and all kinds of trash and finding way to make them into toys!

This quiet work was meant to just work on her hand eye coordination, but she uses it for a ton of other things!

2009 266

Yesterday we rotated in a simple strip of metal and some colorful magnets to work on colors.

She was quiet for a loonngg time! That's successful Quiet Work!

2009 271

And I love working with her.

Now that we are starting Little School I'll be adding more things that can help her learn.

2009 275


kimmer said...

I'm telling you....you are one creative and fun mama!!! I will be on the lookout for more "quiet time" playthings for Josie! hugs....

The Swann's said...

Such a sweet, quiet, face!

I love the glass jar... Gotta ask. Are you going to give her a plain box too?? you know what parents are always saying at birthday parties or Christmas. Just give the kids a box and paper and they are happy! :-)

Sounds like it's going great and you certainly are right where God wants you to be.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole idea! I may have to steal the idea!

mabrey520 said...

I believe that one of the Melissa and Doug beads is in the back of my car.