A Work In Progress

I'm slowly, slowly adding personality and color to our house. It's a hard task when you have a very small decorating budget.

My first step was ordering updated pictures for our frames. Seriously, I have about 300 pictures from the first few months with Josie home and absolutely zero from the past year.

I have grand plans for our upstairs hallway, but like I said, I have to do it cheap.

God bless the creators of Modge Podge who allow me to recover anything I can get my hands on!

We've had this long painting at the end of the hall since we moved in and I decided it was too dark and not the right print anymore.

So out came the scrapbook paper, the spray paint, and the ole Modge Podge.


I covered the weird gold specked frame with a few coats of black.


Wondering how I got my picture since I spend my days at home alone with a two year old!?!?

Meet my photographer!


I am always impressed with how well she does behind the camera!

Then I forgot to take step pictures, but I just Modge Podged some paper on and bribed a girl from the youth group to write the words since I still haven't mastered cursive.

2009 306

Now I just need to get my booty to Walgreens to pick up my pictures and our photo wall will be in business!

And my Book Wreath took the old pictures place at the end of the hall.

2009 307

While I was at it, I started testing out paint.

I've got 3 rooms looking like this right now...

2009 308

Hopefully I can convince Josie to take a long enough nap for me to actually make some progress!


JordanWest said...

Ha, "a girl from the youth group". Thanks, Nicole :)

kimmer said...

WOW!!! Big plans! Advice from big mama ....try to do one project at a time. Otherwise it's overwhelming! Oh, and by the way Linda called and has your "pope family" door project done!!! yeah! now we have to find a way to deliver it! You have such cool ideas!!!!
And that little photographer is amazing!!!!!