Giddy Up Cowgirl

We live right up the street from an awesome family run, Christmas tree farm.

2009 314

Thanksgiving Day is the first day of their season and they have pony rides, hayrides, and the Jolly Old Man.

We have a fake tree (sad) but that doesn't stop us from taking part in the other fun stuff going on at Farmer Brown's place.

Josie has been talking about the ponies since she saw them Thanksgiving morning, so Sunday afternoon we walked down to get some use out of her cowgirl boots.

2009 310

Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter cowgirl?!?!

2009 311

I underestimated what a "small fee" was, so we ended up hanging out for awhile while we waited for Andrew to get off and bring a couple more buckaroos.

Which worked out well for Josie since it let her pick which pony she wanted to be "her's" and ample time for them to talk and get to know eachother!

My little western girl picked the biggest pony.

2009 312

And climbed right on like she was an old pro.

2009 313

She gave me her eyebrows when I tried to hold on to her. I was so sure she was going to be freaked out, but she loved it!

2009 316

Please note the nervous mother striding along.

I was willing to not physically hold her, but no way was I going to leave her alone!

2009 317

I have a feeling we will be back for more pony rides in the next couple weekends!

2009 320

We also tested out how she'd do with Ole Saint Nick.

She wasn't having it.

2009 321

And yes, I know I'm a hypocrite.

We don't do Santa with her yet I drag her out to sit on the stranger's lap every year.

A Mama's gotta have a picture!

2009 309


The Glovers said...

if you don't tell her about Santa AND you drag her out to sit on his lap...that seems kinda creepy...lol

kimmer said...

Oh....So Cute!!!! I love the photo of her petting the pony on the nose!!! I cannot believe how brave she was riding like that!!! Her little cowgirl outfit is the cutest thing Ever!!!! Yippee-I-Oh-Ky-Aye!!!!!