A Very Waffle Christmas

Tuesday night we had Andrew's employees, whom Josie kept refering to as "Andrew's Bosses", over for a Christmas party!

Of course we were running late. Mostly due to the fact that I opted to sit in my PJ's until 4 PM instead of getting ready.

So we were running around like crazy right up until they started showing up.

2009 041

This little girl is getting well above her regular sugar quota lately.

2009 038

And Andrew decided it's a good thing the Health Inspector doesn't stop by our house.

Josie and I would fail pretty miserably.

2009 042

Don't act like you've never curled your hair in the kitchen or had a little "taste" while your cooking!

2009 046

I made lasagna, bread, salad, brownie bites, cookies, and cake.

It was yummy!

2009 048

2009 044

2009 049

Every year we all fight over the correct way to play the Dirty Santa game.

Andrew always gets his way.

2009 050

This massage thing was the hot commodity!

It got stolen about 5 times before we had to cut it off or the game would never end!

2009 054

2009 059

2009 060

As you can see, Andrew was plenty excited over his candles!

2009 056

We had a great time.

His employees really are a great group. We're sad, but not too sad, that this was probably our last year doing this.

Hopefully Andrew will have promoted by next Christmas.

2009 064


Anonymous said...

What is the topping on the brownie bites. Looks yummy! And cute.