Good Job Griffin

I've been thinking about taking Josie to The Festival Of Lights for over a year now. But when we looked it up and found out it was $20 a person to drive through, we decided to pass.

Luckily Amber found a festival of lights right in our little town!

The Mabes and I really love where we live. It has it's not so great areas, but it has so much potential and some really cute spots.

I know at least one of my Bloggy Buddies lives right here in Good Ole Griffin, so if you want to check out these lights, they are at the walking track on Airport Road. You can't miss it, the lights are huge!

We lucked out Sunday night with no rain and no wind so we headed over.

2009 254

Can you tell she was excited?!?!

2009 253

It's a quarter mile track with huge light displays all around it.

2009 256

And it's free!

We like free.

2009 259

Josie was mad that Baby Jesus wouldn't talk to her.

All the people around us got a chuckle out of that!

2009 262

We still have zero snow. In fact it's 50 degrees out today.

It's hard for me to feel Christmassy here in Georgia, so I need all the twinkly lights I can find!


Amber said...

I knew she would love it. Pretty impressive for little old Griffin. That is hilarious about the baby Jesus! Miss y'all!