Christmas Number 1

Waffle House is a 24/7 business and Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year.

And Andrew's store is on track to be one of the busiest.

Great for payday, not so great for celebrating Christmas.

So this Waffle Family celebrates a few days early every year with a super yummy lasagna dinner!

2009 268

2009 270

2009 275

This year has been so much fun with Josie.

2009 289

2009 309

She was so sweet when we did gifts.

She is definatly not used to getting more then one gift at time so she was a little overwhelmed.

I ended up putting half the things we got her up for her birthday!

2009 315

This baby carrier has been all she has talked about since she saw it in the PBK magazine a few months ago. She couldn't believe she had one of her own!

2009 326

2009 329

She's the only grandchild on Andrew's side of the family.

Can we say spoiled!?!?

2009 362

2009 336

2009 339

2009 353

2009 345

Uncle Shiggy is leaving for the Air Force in March.

We're gonna miss his silly self.

2009 347

FYI - The Canon Rebel is not the correct camera for self portraits!

2009 366

But it's perfect for family shots!

2009 373

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

I'll be working right alongside my Hubby at the Waffle House while Josie spends the morning with her Nana and Papa Curt!


Maura said...

Your pics looks awesome! I did it in photo shop, which I don't have yet, but I downloaded a 30 free trail of adobe. Look on Mckmamas under burly backgrounds and she goes trough it step by step. That's how I figured it out:)

kimmer said...

Oh...So Sweet!!!! It looks like she had so much fun! Nana and Grandpa Kurt really did it up big!!! Awesome new toys!!!! I am missing you all very much, but super happy to see your blog and photos of your fun Christmas!!!! Merry, Merry!!!! Hope Waffle House appreciates you guys!

Lani said...

That shopping cart is too cute that it has room for the baby! Iz got one too for xmas but it isn't as cool.