Cookie Time

We haven't had a Christmas Cookie Bake for two years. We missed our helpers this year, but still had a great time.

2009 221

Baking with Josie is one of my favorite things to do. I love our little talks in the kitchen!

2009 224

Since we are about to start preschool we added in some talk about math and mixing.

2009 237

It's true that I love baking with Josie, but I had an another motive. I needed practice taking pictures of something that didn't run from the camera.

2009 239

2009 240

2009 242

And Mr. Terry was very happy that he got to enjoy the results!


bri said...

MMMMM those look DIVINE!

I was wondering where you had gone :)... you are off playing with your new toy!!! :) SO EXCITING! Your pictures look GREAT!

Amber said...

Um, you can bring some down here!