Santa Baby!

We had another awesome weekend!
Andrew went to North Florida with some of his guy friends to do manly things like canoe and chase alligators.
So while he was gone Missy and I had a Mother Daughter weekend. I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy it feels that I can be involved in a Mother Daughter weekend and actually have a daughter there! I love being a mom.Missy and I took the 3 girls out for our birthday on Friday night. We laughed as we packed all the kids in the car that this is our new Girls Night! We went to the Japanese Steakhouse which was SO yummy! Josie loved watching our chef and the fire! We had a really good chef. Sometimes you get a dud, but we were lucky! If you know me and Missy, it's a sin to go anywhere and not stop at Target so that was our next stop. We spent a record 3 hours there! Saturday we baked cookies ALL day and then went to the McDonough Christmas parade. It was a very Christmassy day! My mom had a layover on Saturday night so Josie and I drove to the hotel early Sunday morning to have breakfast with her. We had so much fun! Josie loves her Mae Mae!Josie is doing amazing. She is learning so much! She still isn't quite crawling, but she is so close! She's going through some separation anxiety, but that's normal for her age. She had her 9 month check up last week and she is still healthy. She had to have some shots and Andrew said it was horrible! She was just sitting there, playing with her little feet and they gave her the shot and he said her whole face was like "WHAT WAS THAT!!?!?" She just looked at Andrew and cried! I think it broke his heart! She has gotten taller but hasn't gained any weight. So we are watching her diet to make sure she's getting all the calories she needs.
The boys are also doing great. They are so in to Andrew. We are expecting them to be moved to their adoptive home within the next week or so. They are so sweet, but we are ready to go back to just one baby for a while!
No updates on Josie's case. Just waiting out the 6 months. We're thinking about flying up to Minnesota for a weekend in December to let her see the snow and have that family meet her. Christmas parties start this weekend so I know we'll have pictures to share! I hope everyone is having a great start to the holidays. I know that we received the only gift we need a couple months early! This Christmas is going to be amazing!