Gobble Gobble

Josie's 1st Thanksgiving was awesome! We left Georgia on Wednesday afternoon and drove down to my dad's house in Keystone Heights, Fla. Josie was her perfect little self on the 5 hour drive down there. The whole weekend was so much fun for all of us. The whole Purmort family was there, my dad's family, my brother, my uncle and aunt, and my grandparents. It was a house full!
I was SO excited for my brother to meet Josie, I knew he would just love her! I was also really glad that she could meet my uncle who has cancer and isn't doing too hot. Well, I thought he was doing better then what I expected, but he just isn't the same Uncle John I grew up with. It was hard on my dad. I can't imagine what it would be like for me if Aaron was sick. I don't know if I could handle seeing my big brother need help walking and forgetting people's names. But overall, John did great all weekend.
We hung out at the house on Thanksgiving and took a million family pictures. You'd be surprised at how many different configurations of people you can make with 13 family members! We stuck around the house on Friday too. My grandparents headed back to there house that morning so we were down a couple people. Saturday we drove over to St. Augustine which was really fun. I love being a tourist and walking around new places! Plus it's fun to take Josie anywhere!
My dad and step mom are avid Gator fans. The coveted Florida v. Florida State game just happened to be on while we were in St. Augustine, but thankfully Tivo was invented so it was safely being recorded at the house. Well, the Tivo was in the studio and we wouldn't all fit in there, so we decided to move the Tivo into the living room. We all waited nervously as he unhooked it and tried to hook it back up in the other room. We were so sure we had done this before with ours. Well, we watched Andrew start to sweat when we began to realize that something happened and the game was erased! (It was Andrew's idea to move the box). I thought we were going to have to leave that night! Luckily, it was on again the next morning so we were just banned from watching TV that night in fear that the score may be revealed! I guess that's just what they get for trying to turn my Baby Bulldog into a Gator! (or is she a Gopher?!?)We left on Sunday afternoon. It was a long drive. I think everyone decided to leave Florida at the same time as us, so we sat in a fair amount of traffic. But it felt good to be home.Now I am up to my eyeballs in laundry and suitcases. Settling back in after a trip is always a project in itself. Missy, Sara, Sydney, Josie, and I are going to have a Christmas Girls Weekend this weekend. We are going out to celebrate Missy and my birthday and then going to spend Saturday decorating our house for Christmas and baking a million cookies! (We're starting our own Ladybug Club of the South). Andrew will be off wrestling alligators and doing other manly things with some of his friends all weekend. I'll be praying he doesn't get eaten!
On a very happy note, Sunday was the last day of our waiting for Josie to be officially free for adoption. It's now too late for any family to come forward. We are now just waiting out that 6 month time frame that she has to live with us before we can finalize. Everything looks great for an adoption date in March or April! Looks like she's stuck with us!