Christmas Party 2009

AKA - The Year The Kids Took Over
AKA - The Last Time The Kids Will Be Invited
Last Saturday we had our Annual Friends Christmas Party.
I need to come up with a better name for that!

Of course it was fun and we all laughed a lot, although you couldn't hear any of the laughter over the constant chatter of the vast number of children under the age of 5!
Shew! There were kids everywhere.
I guess I failed to do the math before the party or I would have made it an adults only party!
I did make this fun snowman cake!

2009 146

His head was a little, "unround" but it was nothing a makeshift top hat couldn't fix!

2009 149

I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of all of them together.

2009 150

After we corralled the kids upstairs, we did get to play half a game of Catch Phrase!

2009 158

2009 159

2009 157

2009 154

2009 155

Amber came up with the perfect plan for next year.

We will be having two parties on the same night. One for the kids at our house, complete with crafts, movies, treats, games, and ample babysitters. And another, childfree, party 5 minutes up the street at The Mabes new house!

It's going to be fabulous!


Vanessa said...

What a cute cake! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Love the game. We played @ Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I love Catch Phrase! I tend to get a little loud though.... :)