Apparently, "We're Old"

The 3rd week in December is a big birthday week for our family.

My Grandpa, my little sister, my father in law, my mother in law, and I all celebrate this week!

Since a big hunk of those awesome people live out of state, Andrew's parents and I are the only Guests Of Honor at our party.

Every year Andrew takes over the Monday Night Family Meal so Darlene can just be the Birthday Girl.

This year he made AHHMAZING Double Marinated Chicken and Fettachine with Homemade Alfredo Sauce.

It was as good as it sounds!

2009 114

He was also in charge of getting the cake.

I got my favorite, DQ Ice Cream cake!

It was so yummy that I forgave him for what he put on it:

2009 116

He said the flower part was for me and the "Your Old" was for someone else.

2009 118

2009 117

We had a great night.

I got my standard (and always needed!) Starbucks card with an added bonus...

A Home Depot gift card! I got one from Amy too!

Now I am ready to tackle my big photo wall project that is going to require power tools and everything!

Nana and Papa "Turt" got exactly what they asked for...

2009 121

The world's largest bag of Waffle House coffee and their own mugs!

2009 110

And Suzy, they were totally fly free!

2009 111

And you can say goodbye to those dark, fuzzy pictures.

Andrew (with a little help from my cousin Emma) is getting me my Mac Daddy Canon Rebel for my birthday!

I've been praying for one for over a year.

I know, I know, it's not great of me to pray for something so materialistic that I really don't need. But I knew that the only way I was going to get one before Josie graduated college was if God provided a way.

Well it just so happens my cousin upgraded her camera a year ago and her Canon Rebel was just sitting in her closet!

She sold it to us for a ridiculous price, but I think it is a total God Wink!

Now to get to sewing a fancy camera strap!!


The Glovers said...

A good DSLR is an investment in the future. When you are old and half-senile, pictures and videos will be of great comfort in remembering Josie's childhood, etc...

We are happy for you.

Of course, you should have gotten a Nikon - but thats ok.


bri said...

SUPER EXCITING NICOLE! You are so fun. I love coming over to your blog... an instant lift almost everytime, you know unless you are having a sad day :) then I pray with you!

SO EXCITING ABOUT THE CAMERA!!! What kind is it? I just sold my Canon Rebel XTi. It was a great camera and I LOVED it! You are going to do amazing things!!!

kimmer said...

Happy Birthday, my dear!!!!!!! It looks like you had a great day...just wish I could have been there too! The pasta looks fabulous, but I'm not too sure about the cake. Only thing is you are SO YOUNG that it's funny! I don't think I want Big Andy to be in charge of picking up my B-day cake........

Anonymous said...

HA! I would make fun of him for spelling "you're" wrong on the cake!