Happy Birf-day Daddy!

We are doing a big Family Dinner to celebrate Andrew's birthday on Monday, but we couldn't let his actual birthday pass without a little something special!

Josie woke up early already talking about making Daddy his "birfday tuptakes" so down we went to get the party prep started.

They turned out so cute. And I suppose they were yummy, even if they didn't have any chocolate in them!

2009 009

Can you imagine how hard it was for her to wait 8 hours to actually be able to eat them?!?!

2009 010

After naptime she started asking for birthday hats, she's a big fan ever since her Uncle Shig's birthday back in August.

She gave me a very disapproving look when I told her we didn't have any hats, so we whipped some up!

2009 016

I must be kinda special, cause it took me way too long to figure out how to make a cone shape out of a rectangle.

They wouldn't stay on our heads, but JK was satisfied so it was OK!

2009 017

We just ate dinner and then had our cupcakes.

Actually, Josie and Andrew had their 4th cupcake.

2009 019

Like my candle?!?!

2009 020

For someone who loves planning stuff, I sure wasn't prepared at all last night!

2009 021

Happy Birthday to the guy who keeps me guessing.

I love you like crazy.


Kameron said...

At least you're good at improvising! My best friend was all upset that I didn't have birthday candles to blow out. I told her I could light my bathroom candle if it would make her happy. :o)

Anonymous said...

My birthday is 11/23 too!!!