So Glad We "Gotcha"!

Friday marked the two year anniversary of the day we went from a family of two to a family of three!
Our "Gotcha Day" is the most special day of the year for me.
It blows my mind to think that two short years ago I was begging God for a chance to be a Mommy, and now here she is. A perfect Baby Pope!

Andrew had to work late Friday night so we planned to celebrate our "Gotcha Day" on Saturday night.

Andrew even suprised Josie with an ice cream cake!


Did my life really ever exsist without her?


We decided to head over to our favorite pizza place in town with some friends for our celebration.

The kids loved watching the guys toss the pizzas and it's loud enough in there that they could be as loud as they wanted.




After we gorged ourselves with pizza and garlic bread, it was cake time!

Luckily Josie didn't remember that I had promised her candles since I left them sitting on the counter.



It was yummy!


I swear the guys were all there too!


It was a great night of celebrating Josie.



I can't believe I forgot to get a family picture.

Two years has gone by so fast. I am hoping the rest of the years start to slow down just a little.

Josie has made my life more then I ever dreamed of. She is my little monkey, my sidekick, and pretty much my absolute favorite person in the World.

It is crazy to think of where the three of us would all be if God hadn't brought us together.

But I guess that doesn't much matter since He did.

Happy Gotcha Day Josie. I can't wait to watch you become all that you will be.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I didn't even realize the cake said "Happy Gotcha Day!" That's too cute! We enjoyed hanging with everybody and we are super glad that God blessed us all with little Josie!

Amber said...

I hate that we had to miss it. We will definitely be there next year to celebrate. It is hard to believe she's been in our lives for two years now. We love you JK!!!

Kay Bratt said...

One word: Cute, Cute, Cute.

Okay, that was 3 but 1 just didn't get it...

(just passing through)