Mocha Mamas - Take 2

What do you get when you mix fresh baked pumpkin shaped sugar cookies,



Plenty of sprinkles and frosting,


And a group of best friends?


A whole lotta sugary, messy, very happy kids!





Little Ean even got in on the action.


I think he is liking it.


Yup, I think it's safe to say he likes cookies!


The kids were over it after frosting two each, so I did the rest and we'll break them out at our Hallo-Weenie Roast Friday night.


Play group was another success.

We discussed ways to ensure you concieve a girl and how Sheena looks like Baby Cruz is just gonna fall out pretty soon.

And Amber made an awesome mexican lunch. The recipe is over on her blog. You should go check it out and make it tonight.

Your family will thank you.

I'm pretty sure Play Group is becoming my favorite time of the week. And I'm totally sad that I have to miss the next two.

Don't have any fun without me girls!



Kameron said...

Now I want cookies! Thank God I am having this baby before all of the major food holidays hit or I'd be as big as a house by the time I popped her out! I wish I had a mom's group like you guys to hang out with! :o( I went to Amber's blog and don't see any recipes. I'm having a Mexican themed birthday fiesta on Sat and I am interested in what she made for inspiration!

Amber said...

Tuesday night my mom called and the first thing I said was "we stayed outside!" She was mad though that your pics on Facebook didn't have her grand baby in them.

I'm sure we won't have as much fun without you there these next two weeks. We might not have them anyways because Sheena is seriously about to give birth. She called last night in pain and having heavy contractions. That baby is going to fall out soon!

Crystal said...

Those look yummy! Hope you saved me some! (:

kimmer said...

WOW...you Mocha Mamas really know how to have fun!!!! I bet the "mocha" helps...it looks to me like you need a whole lot of energy to keep up with those darling little ones!!! What an awesome way to teach them all about sharing!!!