Little Red

You smart cookies, you.

Most of you guessed right!

May I introduce to you, the Cutest Little Red Riding Hood in all of Halloween history!


I had every intention of not posting these until Halloween, but a little girl this cute needs to be shared with the World.


She has no idea who Little Red Riding Hood is, but she plays the part perfectly.

In fact, when I told her we were going to the woods to take some pictures she yelled, "No go in the woods! The Big Bad Wolf is in there!"


She's got a small fear of wolves ever since my Mom shared the whole 3 Little Pig fiasco with her.

But that didn't stop me from dreaming of a sweet two year old dressed as the little girl who's grandma gets eaten by a wolf.


So with a basket full of goodies and a red hood on her head, she is ready to go over the river and through the woods to Mae Mae's house!


Don't worry Mae Mae, we'll leave the wolf in the woods.


Sarah Goddard said...

OMG that is sooo cute!! Great Job

Lani said...


Jen Chandler said...

LOVE it! The polk dots are perfect!


Brooke said...

Can I order one of these costumes? Please! I love it. It is beautiful. And she looks too darn cute in it.

Kameron said...

It is adorable!!! I think she looks so cute and who cares if she doesn't know who it is! Love it!

Crystal said...

She is the most precious Little red Riding Hood I have ever seen!

Oh, and you totally could have made that costume!