She Sorta Gets It


My friends are Fertile Mertiles.

Seriously, someone is always pregnant.

I think we will be well over 40 before we can all go out for drinks together at the same time.

Since there are so many swelling bellies around here, Andrew and I thought it would be a good time to start introducing the idea of adoption to Josie.

We've known from before she came home to us that the fact that she is adopted would never be hidden from her. We assumed it would be obvious since she wouldn't look like us.

Imagine our surprise when she showed up looking exactly like Andrew!

Never the less, we want her to know how awesome God is and how perfect his timing is.

So last week, after we saw Amber, I started to talk to her about how Baby Olivia is growing in Amber's belly and that all babies grow inside a belly before they are born.

Then I told her that she grew in another woman's belly, but then God brought her to me when she was born so I could be her Mommy.

I told her that while she was growing in the other woman's belly, she was growing in my heart.

To which she replied in a loud, excited voice, "And then me POPPED OUT!"

Ahhh, not exactly.

We'll work on the logistics later!


Amber said...

That's too sweet! At least she's some what on the right track. She did pop out in the ambulance : )