A Little Bit Country

If I had known a pair of pink boots would bring a little girl so much happiness I would have bought them a long time ago.


And if I had known that a pair of pink boots would make the cutest little girl even cuter, I would have put them on her feet everyday.


And if I had know that a pair of pink boots would bring out the cowgirl in this little country girl I would have put her in overalls!


Nah, a tutu is more our style of country!


Lani said...


QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS!!!!!!! :)

Kameron said...

Oh the cheesy smiles they give at this age kill me! She is such a doll and that outfit is great!!

bri said...

Way stinkin' FUN! She wears country well!!!

Brooke said...

Those are the cutest cowboy boots! T has a pair, but not as fun or pink :)And I love the tutu with the boots too.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures & heading.
Love the boots. My little Bean had a pink pair when she was Josie's age & I have yet to remember to get her a replacement. She would wear them all the time & fit right in here in the Southeast.

Amber said...

I so want those pink boots!