Ready For The Fishes!

Josie has four very special visitors coming in on Friday night. And part of our fun weekend will include her first trip to the aquarium.
And I just knew that a first that fun needed an outfit that was just as fun!

I love this fishy fabric that I found at my new favorite fabric store in Griffin and as you can see, Josie is a fan as well! Oh sweet girl!
How long will this super cheese smile be sticking around?!?! Woo Woo! That one looks like she put her whole body into it!

The skirt was super easy. Now that I've given in to the advice to iron all my seams before I hem them, sewing takes half the time. It was missing a little something something so I added some blue tulle to the bottom.
UHHH! So cute!

And the applique was just as easy as the skirt. I can't wait to take her to the aquarium in this!The first couple skirts I sewed her she couldn't even walk in.
This one has pleanty of room for walking and even room for skipping.
Which is our new favorite mode of transportation!And just cause I know you love it as much as I do, here's another shot of all that cheese!
At this rate we're never going to win the Baby Gap contest!


Kameron said...

I hope what I told you helped with the applique! Such a cute outfit!

Amber said...

It turned out cute! Love it!

Anonymous said...

love that smile:)

The Benefields said...

That just made my day!