A Dress For A Pumpkin

Amber dropped off the fabric for Miss Olivia Kate's Halloween dress last week.
Which made me seriously happy since I was homebound all week and fighting a serious case of cabin fever from all the rain.

How fun is this fabric?!?!


I can't wait to see the Little Pumpkin wearing it!

But since that Little Pumpkin is taking her sweet time coming into the World, I had to find a subsitute model to be sure the sizing was right.


As long as Olivia Kate doesn't inherit too much of her Daddy's height, I think it will fit a one month old perfect!

I hope it works Amber! I can't wait to sew more for her!


Amber said...

It turned out great! That is too funny with the doll. Don't worry I have already bought more fabric! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!