At Least We Learned "A"

Our first week of learning the alphabet went pretty well. Josie gets all excited whenever she sees an A on TV or on a sign.

But I almost lost my mind that week.

JP was having some serious issues with potty training. As in, he refused to go on the potty.

I'm all for kids learning at their own pace, but his Mom and I both agreed that he knew when he had to go and was being defient by going in his pants.

I had tried everything; rewards for doing it, timeouts for not doing it. And nothing was working.

So I had to take a break from any teachings that would not result in the end of poop in underwear.

Luckily, we seem to have found something that works, Potty Charts.


And of course, if JP gets one, Josie thinks she needs one too.

He still isn't telling me when he has to go, so I just make him try every hour.

We're going on our third day accident free, which is a first since he started coming in July!

If the rest of the week goes as well, we'll be starting our ABC activities again next Tuesday.

And for the record, my heart goes out to all of you trying to potty train little boys!


Kameron said...

I think potty training is the worst!! I hate it. At least my boy tells me when he has to poop. I'd rather change peed in undies than pooped in any day!

Anonymous said...

I forget the deal with JP...is he staying with you full-time or is this more like a "day care" thing? I think it's awesome that you're still into fostering and are helping other children...I can't wait to become a foster parent!

bri said...

I agree... ours has not pooped in his undies in FOREVER but peeing is a different story.

He had it down for a good solid 2 weeks. accident free every day and now it is like he has forgotten all over again. He is getting the hang of it again though. he's not yet two so we are still VERY patient with him.