(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


"You not come in here Mama. I can do it meself."

Yup, looks like she's got it covered.


honestly amy said...

my little boy sits backwards too...especially if he has a big picture book (he will use the tank as a shelf)

Kameron said...

At least she didn't fall in. Nate did the other day. You should have seen his face. I couldn't help but laugh and he got all upset. "Is NOT funny Mommy! No laugh at me!". Poor thing.

bri said...

that is so funny. I have tried sitting our boys backwards but they always pull the lid shut on themselves! ON PURPOSE!

She is all grown up now :)... okay I will shush and not tell you next comes the lipstick and purses.

good job Momma

kimmer said...

She is so adorable!!!!!
I especially love the "meself"...she is doing so great...and you are the Best mama ever!!!!...."youself!"

Amber said...

After this and the kitchen potty pic, she's going to hate you for this when she gets older.

Brooke said...

That's too funny!!! I'm still working on getting T used to the "Big Girl Potty" versus her potty chair, which she prefers 10 out of 10 times.