Awhile back I wrote about wanting to do some rearranging of our living room. Now that we don't have TV, I didn't see the point of having the TV as the focal point in the room!

Since then we have moved the armour into our room and I've switched around the couches a few times.

Here's the before: And this is what it looks like today: This is actually the third arrangement. It is so much better for hanging out when we have all our buddies over.

There are two problems with it though.
First, I didn't realize how much tan is in my house until we moved the armour and put the couch right up against the wall.
I am working on a way to fix it. I can't paint the wall because that would involve repainting the entire downstairs and I am just way too lazy to do that. I have a plan on what I want to do on the wall behind the couch but it involves finding an old cabinet door and that is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be!

The other problem is that our fireplace is way off center in the room.
Which is a big deal for this OCD girl.
After I noticed that I started noticing other off center things in the house.

I may have to move.

I also changed out the runner on our picture table:That helped add some color.

I don't have a decorating budget so I've been shopping my house and just changing stuff out from different rooms.
So far so good.
When I do get a decorating budget, Home Depot is going to be very excited!

Amy and I are going to have a yard sale next weekend. My goal is to get enough money to buy a gallon or two of paint for a quick pick me up.
That's if I can get Josie to quit crying over the unplayed with toys that are in the pile.


Elizabeth said...

Love the new living room arrangement. Talking about painting the wall though..you could always do the wall with the fireplace on it. Make that wall your focal point. Just an idea! But love it so far! :)

MrsGower said...

Hey girlie girl! My follow button is at the tippy top of the page on the google toolbar thingy. :)

I love all of your posts!